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30 April 2016 GOSFEL completion date
28-30 October 2015

Dr S A Mikhailov  gave an invited talk entitled Nonlinear electrodynamic effects in graphene for optoelectronic applications at GRAPCHINA 2015, 2015 International Graphene Innovation Conference,  Qingdao, China, 2015 GRAPCHINA

14-16 October 2015 Consortium Meeting, Norsk Elektro Optikk (NEO), Oslo,Norway
8-9 September 2015

Dr S A Mikhailov gave an invited talk, Quantum theory of the nonlinear third-order electrodynamic response of graphene  at the International Workshop "Optics of Graphene and 2D Materials", University of Exeter, UK

8-9 September 2015

Dr I Luxmoore attended a workshop at the International Workshop Optics of Graphene and 2D Materials, University of Exeter 

6-9 July 2015 

Dr S A Mikhailov gave an invited talk, Third Harmonic Generation and Saturable Absorption in Graphene at the International Conference in Electromagnetics Research Symposium (PIERS 2015) Prague

1-3 July 2015

Dr S A Mikhailov gave an invited talk at IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Workshop Series on Advanced Materials and Processes for RF and THz Applications, Suzhou, China

29-30 June 2015

Dr S A Mikhailov visited the Souzhou Institute of Nanotech and Nanobionics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (SINANO), China giving an invited talk to Prof Hua Quin’s group

22-26 June 2015

Dr P Li and Dr S A Milhailov attended the Graphene Week 2015 Conference held at The University of Manchester.   Delegates enjoyed a scientific programme which included 90 expert sessions, covering over 15 topics on graphene, related two-dimensional materials and over 350 poster presentations.  Graphene Week Video contribution to the conference has been published on youtube

15-17 May 2015

Dr I Luxmoore attended the CLEO2015 Conference, (Laser Science to Photonic Applications), San Jose, California

8-13 March 2015

Dr Peter Liu gave a conference poster presentation at the Optical Terahertz Science and technology (OTST) 2015 

16 February 2015

Dr I Luxmoore gave a seminar at the Department of Physics, Cambridge University 

19-23 October 2014

Prof G Nash presented the work of the GOSFEL team on coupling to plasmons in graphene ribbons at the Optical Society of America’s (OSA) 98th Annual Meeting, Frontiers in Optics 2014, Tuscon, Arazona

22-25 September 2014

Rank Prize Symposium (The Rank Prize Fund) Grasmere, England

GOSFEL work package leaders presented aspects of the project at the recent Rank Prize Symposium on "Symposium on 2D Materials for Optoelectronics, Plasmonics and Photonics".  There were leading speakers from around the workd andit was co-organised by Prof. Geoff Nash and also attended by Dr S A Mikhailov

30 September 2014 Consortium Teleconference Meeting, Universityof Exeter
27 July-1 August 2014 Prof G R Nash gave a conference presentation at the 6th International Conference on Optical, Optoelectronic and Photonic Materials and Applications, Leeds England 
10 June 2014 Project Revew Meeting EC Brussels
20 March 2014 Consortium Meeting ETH Zurich
9-13 February 2014

Dr F Valmorra gave a conference poster presentation at the RBNI Winter School in nanoscience and nanotechnology, Ha-Goshrim, Israel.

2 February 2014

Dr P Liu attended gave a conference presentation at Photonics West, San Francisco, USA.

28 November 2013 Consortium Teleconference Meeting

12 November 2013

Dr I Luxmoore attended the UK Silicon Photonics Conference, (UKSP) Southampton UK.

3-6 September 2013

Dr F Valmorra gave a conference presentation at the Joint Annual meeting of Swiss and Austrian Physical Societies,  (SPS) Linz, Switzerland

1-5 July 2013 Dr S A Mikhailov and Prof G Nash presented posters at the “20th International Conference on Electronic Properties of Two-Dimentional Systems” (EPSDS20) in Wroclaw, Poland EP2DS-20
25 June 2013 Consortium Meeting Augsburg University

17-19 June 2013

Mrs C Gifford attended the Nano Forum 2013 conference and exhibition, Dublin, Eire.
20-23 May 2013

Dr F Valmorra and Dr P Liu gave posters presentation at the School of Photonics 2013, Cortona Italy

3-8 March 2013

Dr S.A.Mikhailov & A.Moskalenko presented paper at The International Conference on Graphene Nanophotonics (BENASQUE), Benasque, Spain

25 November 2012 Project start-up meeting
1 October 2012 GOSFEL project starts



31 May 2016

Published on line in American Chemical Society I J Luxmoore Graphene-metamaterial photodetectors for integrated infrared sensing ACS Photonics

13 January 2016    

Internet Publication, Elektronik  Informationen of Joint paper in Nature 


Published in Applied Physics Express G R Nash Modulation characteristics of graphene-based thermal emitters

4 December 2015

UK scientists make fastest Thz modulator Electronics

27 November 2015

New research exploits extraordinary properties of Graphene University of Exeter Research Page Exeter Research News

20 November 2015

Published in Nature Communications

Peter Q. Liu, Dr Isaac J. Luxmoore, Sergey A. Mikhailov, Nadja A. Savostianova, Federico Valmorra, Jérôme Faist and Geoffrey R. Nash (2015) Highly tunable hybrid metamaterials employing split-ring resonators strongly coupled to graphene surface plasmons, Vol. 16, No. 8969.


Published in OPTIKA P Q Liu Electrically tunable graphene anti-dot array terahertz plasmonic crystals exhibiting multi-band resonances

17 September 2014

A study of plamons in graphene ribbons undertaken by Exeter and ETH, where strong coupling between the plasmons and phonons in the far-infrared was observed,  ACS Photonics

30 October 2014

Dr Nadja Savostiyanova joins the GOSFEL project at the University of Augsburg

25 September 2014


Press release of the BMBF (Bundesministerium für Bildungs und Forschung - Ministry for Education and Research) on Graphene Flagship

4 July 2014

Augsburger Allgemeine press release on the graphene activity at Augusburg University and the GOSFEL project

24 June 2014

University of Augsburg press release regarding the European Graphene Flagship and GOSFEL

14 May 2014


Published in Journal of Applied Physics A S Moskelenko Radiative damping and synchronization in a graphene-based terahertz-emitter



Published in American Institute of Physics G R Nash Prospective for graphene based thermal mid-infrared light emitting devices

14 May 2014

Radiative damping and synchronization in a graphene-based terahertz emitter A. S. Moskalenko and S. A. Mikhailov

23 September 2013

Publication: The Thermal emission from large area chemical vapor deposited graphene devices, please click on this link to view the paper

17 September 2014

Published in ACS Photonics I L Luxmoore Strong coupling in the far-infrared between graphene plasmons and the surface optical phonons of silicon dioxide

July 2013

Publication: Institute for Quantum Electronics ETH Group

April 2013

Publication: S.A.Mikhailov PHYSICAL REVIEW B 87, 115405 (2013) Graphene-based voltage-tunable coherent terahertz emitter