Subject areas - work packages

The technical plan for the GOSFEL project will be focussed on a number of intermediate clear technical goals, the attainment of which would not only represent a significant step towards the overall project goal, but would also constitute an important success in its own right.

The University of Augsburg will lead Work package 2, the aim of which is to establish a complete theoretical understanding of the proposed device so that the key experimental parameters can be identified and their limits established. The University of Exeter will lead work packages 3 and 4 which are aimed at establishing suitable material preparation and device fabrication techniques and then using these to fabricate devices containing all the elements of the proposed devices. ETH Zurich will contribute to work package 3 by applying work package 5 which is aimed at characterising the devices fabricated in work package 4 and using this information to improve the understanding of the principles of operation and ways in which this could be optimised. Finally, as suitable devices become available these will be assessed in an industrial laboratory at Norsk Elektro AS, who will provide the project with an industry perspective, in work package 6. Work packages 1 and 7 relate to the management of the project and dissemination of results respectively.

Work package numberTitleLead beneficiary
WP 1 Project Management University of Exeter
WP 2 Device Concept and Theory Universitat Augsburg
WP 3 Device Architecture and Fabrication University of Exeter
WP 4 Device Integration University of Exeter
WP 5 Characterisation and Cavity Integration Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
WP 6 Spectroscopic Evaluation Norsk Elektro Optikk A/S
WP 7 Dissemination and Exploitation University of Exeter

Key results

Publishable Summary Period 1 1/10/12 until 31/3/14